We are an IMS Certificated ( ISO 9001/ISO14001 & BS 18001) , and we aim to demonstrate our commitment to relentless effort on SHEQ. We are also currently in the process of NABL as well as TS certifications.


A Leadership team which has more than 30 Yrs experience in Polymer/Plastic compounding and processing. A technical team which has expertise in color matching and color specializations. Our extruder technicians who have run and managed wide range of materials and World Class Manufacturing Processes.

We guarantee Consistency in the Product & Service Quality. Our Quality techniques are driven by Lean Six-Sigma principles and methodology. Standard & Safe Operating Procedures are maintained for all the Operations and Processes with periodic Auditing and Assessment for the Capabilities.

Additionally we have an unique edge in processing of speciality polymers & can process Transparent colors, Translucent colors, Metallic colors, Glass Filled coloring Applications and more.

We work closely with our Customers to understand their application and then specify a polymer, blend, or alloy that meets or exceeds Customer’s requirement. We have the expertise in the latest UV, Antioxidant, Fiber, Filler, Flame-Retardant, and Lubrication Technologies so the customers can be assured for a High Quality Product for their applications. Our laboratories are fully equipped with all of the major analytical and mechanical testing Instruments to support Quality Product Development and also to test product strength, flexibility, heat, weather, and other accelerated test conditions.

We work closely with the Customers in understanding their VOC & CTQ’s as well as ensuring and assuring on Supplier Quality whilst maintaining excellent relationships with material suppliers.