"SARAL ADVANCED POLYMER PRODUCTS is part of SARAL Group, which specialises in Lean Six Sigma Implementation, Business Excellence and Safety Excellence. SARAL SIX SIGMA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PVT LTD is the parent company which was formed by Mr. Ashok Ramaswamy. He has worked in various companies like DUPONT, General Electric and Avery Dennison in Singapore and is a certified Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. SARAL ADVANCED POLYMER PRODUCTS is an End to End service provider for engineering plastics to suit the customer needs. Our Team has more than 15 Years of Experience in colour matching, Mechanical properties, custom compounding and Visual Effects. We understand the needs of the Customers (OEMS) and work with moulders by supplying the exact pre coloured solution along with desired properties. Our professional team will ensure you get the products "On Time and On Target" with no compromise to Quality"Read More...


Wide Range of,Make-to-Order,Pre Coloured Polymer Products


Used in Various Engineering,Medical,Aviation Sectors and Household Commodities


Highly Advanced,Fully Automated System and Technology